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If you recently lost a loved one you will need a funeral home that offers the highest level of professional care and assistance at this difficult time. If you are unsure of what to do or who to turn to, we will guide you through arranging a funeral and remove your stress and worries. We will take care of loved one’s needs as well as your own.

Our professional and friendly staff care deeply for the way your loved one is presented. We will ensure your final viewing is a peaceful experience while showing an outstanding level of care throughout the funeral process.

A sense of peace is needed during this time and our staff will meet and guide you through our funeral services.

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Premier Funerals | Sunshine Coast

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Premier Funerals | Brisbane

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Our funeral directors have years of experience and a true desire to mould your funeral service to your specific wishes.  Our clients see this as a huge comfort to them during these difficult times.  Whatever your predicament we will find a solution that suits your needs and provides a funeral service that your loved one so richly deserves.

Established in 1989, Premier Funerals has long been recognised as one of south east Queensland’s most valued funeral directors. It has Chapels and Memorial Gardens servicing from Ipswich to Brisbane and on the Sunshine Coast. Premier Funerals has a broad understanding of the needs of local and multicultural communities. It has facilities and services to cater to every specific need.

Premier Funerals understanding and experienced staff are there to help. Premier Funerals ensures that when you say that last goodbye it will be an occasion to remember.

Services Provided

It may be comforting for you to have relatives present when arranging a funeral. If you wish to wait for family members to arrive from other locations, we will care for your loved one until you are ready to commence arrangements.

The use of our fully equipped chapel at Oxley is included in the service fee.  Alternatively, you may wish to have your loved one’s service elsewhere – at a church or religious building – that suits your needs. Your funeral director can arrange this. We will also assist with booking a celebrant or clergy member of your choice to conduct the service.

We can assist you with engaging a civil celebrant or appropriate member of the clergy to conduct your funeral service.

For those wanting a Religious Service, we work closely with the local religious communities, and are fully aware of all of the intricacies involved with the religious traditions around funerals.

If you are wanting a Civil Service, we have a number of exceptional, professional civil celebrants that we work with regularly.  We take pride in working together with them to provide a memorable Celebration of Life, with the focus on your loved one and the best way to remember them.

Choosing a coffin need not be stressful. Our staff are happy to assist you when choosing your loved one’s coffin or casket. We have a wide range that suit all budgets.

Our full selection can be seen by clicking through to our Coffins and Caskets page.

We are here to look after your needs, and the most important is the knowledge that your loved one is in safe hands.  We will arrange for the respectful transfer of your loved one into our care, and will keep them safely at our premises until the time of the funeral.

Talk to us about your wishes.  Do you want to spend some time with them before the funeral? What do you want them to wear? What goes with them to the cemetery or crematorium?  We will happily talk to you about how much you might want to be involved in the final care of your loved one, and willingly work on the care of them together with yourselves, who loved them best.

Funeral Pre-Arrangement Form

The information you provide in this form is used to supply you with the official Death Certificate from Qld Births, Deaths & Marriages office.

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Funeral Arrangement Form

The information you provide in this form is used to supply you with the official Death Certificate from Qld Births, Deaths & Marriages office.

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Our Promise

Our Promise is to help you arrange or plan a funeral with care, respect, clarity, & reassurance. Our team of professionals is here to listen, advise & guide you through all of your options. Our understanding & experienced staff are committed to ensuring that when you say that last goodbye it will be an occasion to remember.

Our Crematoriums and Memorial Gardens

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Heritage Park Crematorium and Memorial Gardens, Goodna

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Buderim Crematorium and Memorial Gardens, Buderim

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Premier Funerals is a member of the Australian Funeral Directors Association, an association which has represented professional funeral directors throughout Australia since 1935.  The Australian Funeral Directors Association requires its members to abide by a code of ethics, designed to ensure quality premises, facilities and professional staff, thus ensuring the public a high standard of service.

Premier Funerals is part of a network of funeral homes, cremation facilities and cemeteries owned by Propel Funeral Partners, which extends to all states of Australia, the Australian Capital Territory and New Zealand.  Listed on the Australian Securities Exchange, Propel Funeral Partners is one of the largest providers of funeral and related services in Australia and New Zealand.