Gold Package

Premier Funerals Gold Package

From $6485.00

Our Gold Package offers you a funeral service with a cremation including a ceremony with flowers and a viewing prior to service.

The service is conducted by our experienced funeral directors and ashes are provided to you.

Ashlin Rosewood Coffin

The Gold Package includes an Ashlin Rosewood coffin as standard (below). View our coffin range for upgrades here, however any coffin upgrade must include a coffin of greater value than the Ashlin Rosewood coffin.

Please note you have the option of adding extras to your package for an additional fee.

  • Newspaper notice
  • Catering
  • Additional flowers
  • Mourning stationery / Orders of service

For more information about the Gold Package you can call us on the number below or complete our Funeral Arrangement Form.

We know packages aren’t for everyone. To get information about your other burial or cremation options and prices contact one of our friendly funeral directors and they can discuss your custom needs and costs in your area.