Arranging a Funeral

How to arrange a Funeral in Brisbane?

Premier Funerals are dedicated in serving the families of Brisbane and surrounds in their time of need after the loss of a loved one. The team of Funeral Directors are available anywhere in South East Queensland.

Organising a funeral may seem frightening and confusing. It is easy to feel overwhelmed with paperwork and arrangements, dealing with family and friends and your own grief. At Premier Funerals Brisbane our staff are available to give expert advice at any time of day or night. We will calmly walk you through the process of arranging a funeral and completing the paperwork, lessening your worries.

We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week including all public holidays.

Transferring Your Loved One

If the death has occurred in a hospital or nursing home in Brisbane or surrounds, the next of kin will have to sign a form authorising one of our funeral homes to collect the deceased. We will attend the hospital or home and transfer them to one of our four facilities (Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Goodna or Buderim). Public hospitals have their own holding facility (mortuary), and arrangements can be made for us to collect the deceased within hours or days.

The next of kin will need to provide us with information about the deceased: full name and address, date of birth. Please refer to our ‘funeral arrangement form‘ to assist you with this. The hospital may provide us with a Cause of Death Certificate. This will have been completed by your loved one’s regular doctor, confirming the cause of death and allowing us to proceed with One of our two facilities in Brisbane or the Sunshine Coast. We will also need to know whether the deceased will be buried or cremated, and the full name and contact details of the next of kin handling the arrangements.

If the cause of death is suspicious or unnatural, a medical examination may be ordered. This means your loved one may not be released to us until the Coroner has completed a physical examination. While this process is distressing for relatives, it is a legal requirement for any suspicious death and must be carried out. Your funeral director will explain the procedure and answer all questions you may have.

Arranging a Funeral

Typically, it takes around 24-48 hours to arrange a funeral. At first, this may seem daunting but our caring staff at Premier Funerals have many years of experience.

When your loved one has been transferred into our care, you will be contacted by Premier Funerals to schedule an arrangement appointment. This may be done in your own home, at our office, or any place where you feel comfortable and relaxed.

During this appointment, a time, location and date will be set for the funeral service, and you will choose a casket, flowers, music, and catering if desired. Again, it may seem daunting but our staff will guide you through the process calmly. There is no time limit on funeral arrangement appointments.

You may wish to view your loved one prior to the service. Your Funeral Director will explain this process and make necessary arrangements.

Funeral Types: Burial or Cremation

One of the decisions that need to be made is how to care for the departed’s remains. The two options are burial or cremation. In either case, you’ll need to select an appropriate casket/coffin and/or urn and choose a location and style of internment or scattering. No matter which path you decide to take, we will be there to support you and assist you in exploring your options and making an informed decision that feels right for you and your loved one.

Funeral Pre-Arrangement Form

The information you provide in this form is used to supply you with the official Death Certificate from Qld Births, Deaths & Marriages office

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Funeral Arrangement Form

The information you provide in this form is used to supply you with the official Death Certificate from Qld Births, Deaths & Marriages

Complete Form Online

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